Take away the limits.

Your customer always assumes they have the best coverage; the coverage that takes care of it all.  Instead of explaining why it’s not covered, why not sell them a policy that does cover it.  Most policies being sold today limit the number of claims and/or the total dollar amount of claims during the policy term.  Additionally, curb damage and cosmetic damage are not covered.

  • NSD covers curb damage, even when it bends a wheel beyond repair
  • NSD covers cosmetic damage due to scraping a curb
  • NSD doesn’t limit how many claims you can file
  • NSD has no limit to how much is spent on claims during the policy coverage period
  • NSD replaces damaged and lost keys


With Nation Safe Drivers AutoCare coverage, your customers wont be disappointed and your finance people wont be bogged down trying to explain limitations.  It’s not just competitively priced; it’s priced to sell. With best in class claims handling, your customers wont have to call you to push something through.   Take a look at some of the details.

Tire and Wheel Protection
This protection plan picks up where the factory warranty and service contract drops off. It includes 3, 5, or 7 years of coverage – with unlimited mileage. It includes full coverage of all mounting and balancing associated with tire repair or replacement, under contract. NSD also absorbs taxes associated with a tire or wheel replacement.

Cosmetic Wheel Repair
Accidents happen, and NSD is all too familiar with dents, dings and scratches – including wheels. NSD will repair, refinish or replace your alloy or painted wheels and return them to show room quality. *Does not include chrome.

Paint-less Dent Repair
Dents and dings will make any car look less desirable. NSD’s paint-less dent repair program repairs certain minor dents and dings to a covered vehicle. Large or deep dents, creased metal, hail damage and repairs involving paint are not covered.

Key/ Remote Replacement
Replacing a lost or stolen key can be extremely expensive. In some cases, depending on the make of the car, it can cost as much as $100-$800 per key. In the event your key/remote is lost, stolen or destroyed, NSD will pay for a replacement key remote up to $800/year.

Not a dealer? Want NSD’s Auto Care Protection?
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